Consumer Business

Consumer Business is meant to provide private individuals with the best choice of premium cards in Belgium & Luxembourg. We bring to the market the entire American Express line through our distribution partners (BNP Paribas Fortis,  social organisations and private banks), or directly via our website (see links at the bottom of the page). In addition, thanks to our partnership with Brussels Airlines, we have developed a choice of dedicated “Miles&More” products on the American Express network.

Group marketing

Group Marketing combines the marketing services that address the Consumer Business (private), the Corporate Business (large companies and SMEs) and the Merchants (Affiliated merchants part of the American Express acceptance network). Group Marketing centralises the marketing expertise within Alpha Card and is organised under 3 “functional” units: “Acquisition”, “Stimulation & Loyalty” and “Product Development”.

The Acquisition unit
manages the relationships with our existing partners and is responsible for finding new channels of distribution in the financial and the commercial sectors.
The Stimulation & Loyalty unit
manages the direct relationship with all our card members to stimulate their engagement with our products and secure a long-term relationship.
The Product Development unit
develops the future products or product features that pave the way for our continuing growth.